Arizona Fire Frequencies

Apache Junction-- Central Yavapai-- Chandler-- Chino Valley-- Cottonwood-- Doney Park-- Flagstaff-- Fort McDowell-- Fountain Hills-- Gilbert-- Glendale-- Globe-- Groom Creek-- Kingman-- Holbrook-- Laveen-- Mayer-- Mesa-- Page-- Peoria-- Phoenix-- Pinetop-- Pinewood-- Prescott-- Queen Creek-- Scottsdale-- Sedona-- Show Low-- South Tucson-- Sun City-- Sun Lakes-- Superior-- Surprise-- Tempe-- Tolleson-- Tonto Basin-- Tucson


Apache Junction

Local Fire Department-------150.790-------Apache Junction, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------154.295-------Apache Junction, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------154.325-------Apache Junction, Arizona

Central Yavapai

Ch.1 Dispatch ------- 154.160 ------- Repeater
Ch.2 Fireground / Major Incidents ------- 154.340 ------- Secondary Repeater


Ch.1 Chandler Alarm ------- 154.430 ------- Repeater
Ch.2 Backup Repeater 2 ------- 155.955 ------- Repeater
Ch. 3 Talkaround 1 ------- 154.430 ------- Simplex
Ch. 4 Mutual Aid ------- 154.280 ------- Simplex
Ch. 5 Talkaround 2 ------- 155.955 ------- Simplex
Ch. 6 Hazmat ------- 155.865 ------- Simplex

Chino Valley

Ch. 1 Chino Valley FD, Main Dispatch-------154.220-------Repeater


Local Fire Department-------154.135-------Cottonwood, Arizona
Fire Department-------154.250-------Cottonwood, Arizona
Fire Department-------155.805-------Cottonwood, Arizona

Doney Park Fire District

Dispatch -------154.995-------Doney Park, Arizona
Operations-------158.955-------Doney Park, Arizona
Car to Car-------154.385-------Doney Park, Arizona


Ch. 1 Dispatch-------155.745-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Ch. 2 Dispatch by Police-------154.935-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------155.550-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------155.640-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------155.880-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------155.955-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------159.450-------Flagstaff, Arizona
Interagency Frequency-------154.280-------Flagstaff, Arizona

Fort McDowell

Ch. 2 Rural Metro FD, Main Dispatch-------154.370-------Fort McDowell, Arizona
Ch. 3 Rural Metro FD, Drills,Misc.-------154.385-------Fort McDowell, Arizona
Ch. 4 Rural Metro FD, Fireground-------154.400-------Fort McDowell, Arizona
Ch. 5 Rural Metro FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Fort McDowell, Arizona

Fountain Hills

**See Fort McDowell** Rural Metro Fire Department


Ch. 1 Mesa Dispatched, Main -------154.340-------Gilbert, Arizona
Ch. 2 Mesa Dispatched, Fireground-------154.235-------Gilbert, Arizona
Old UHF Repeater--------------460.600--------Gilbert, Arizona
Old VHF Simplex-----------154.115-------Gilbert, Arizona


Ch. 1 Phoenix FD, Main Dispatch-------154.190-------Glendale, Arizona
Ch. 3 Phoenix FD, Operations-phx. area-------154.070-------Glendale, Arizona
Ch. 4 Phoenix FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Glendale, Arizona
Ch. 5 Phoenix FD, Training/Downtown-------153.830-------Glendale, Arizona
Ch. 6 Phoenix FD, Operations-Glendale-------154.310-------Glendale, Arizona
Ch. 9 Phoenix FD, Hazardous Materials-------460.575-------Glendale, Arizona
Phoenix FD, Talkaround-------155.670-------Glendale, Arizona


Local Fire Department-------154.205-------Globe, Arizona
Tri-City Fire Department-------154.235-------Globe, Arizona


Local Fire Department-------154.430-------Goodyear, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------855.9625-------Goodyear, Arizona

Groom Creek

Groom Creek FD-------154.130-------Groom Creek, Arizona
Groom Creek FD-------154.280-------Groom Creek, Arizona
Groom Creek FD-------154.265-------Groom Creek, Arizona
Groom Creek FD-------154.295-------Groom Creek, Arizona


Mohave Co. FireNet-------153.950-------Kingman, Arizona Mohave Co. FireNet-------154.190-------Kingman, Arizona Mohave Co. FireNet-------154.325-------Kingman, Arizona Mohave Co. FireNet-------154.355-------Kingman, Arizona


Ch. 1 Dispatch-------154.145-------Holbrook, Arizona
Ch. 2 Rescue 74-------155.700-------Holbrook, Arizona
Interagency Frequency-------154.280-------Holbrook, Arizona
Ch. ? Holbrook Fire-------154.445-------Holbrook, Arizona


Ch. 1 Phoenix FD, ALARM Dispatch-------154.190-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 3 Phoenix FD, Operations-PHX. area-------154.070-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 4 Phoenix FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 5 Phoenix FD, Fire Tactical/Central-------153.830-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 7 Phoenix FD, Operations/Laveen Area-------154.145-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 8 Phoenix FD, Operations/Laveen Area-------153.770-------Laveen, Arizona
Ch. 9 Phoenix FD, HazMat-------155.670-------Laveen, Arizona


Mayer FD-------154.130-------Mayer, Arizona
Mayer FD-------154.280-------Mayer, Arizona
Mayer FD-------154.265-------Mayer, Arizona
Mayer FD-------154.295-------Mayer, Arizona


Ch. 1 Mesa FD, Main Dispatch-------154.340-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 2 Mesa FD, Fireground-------154.235-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 3 Mesa FD, Fireground-------153.950-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 4 Mesa FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 5 Mesa FD, Hazardous Materials-------154.010-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 6 Mesa FD, unknown-------154.175-------Mesa, Arizona
Ch. 7 Mesa FD, unknown-------154.205-------Mesa, Arizona


Local Fire Department-------154.430-------Page, Arizona


Ch. 1 Phoenix FD, Main Dispatch-------154.190-------Peoria, Arizona
Ch. 3 Phoenix FD, Operations-S.City area-------154.070-------Peoria, Arizona
Ch. 4 Phoenix FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Peoria, Arizona
Ch. 6 Phoenix FD, Operations-Peoria/Glendale-------154.310-------Peoria, Arizona
Ch. 9 Phoenix FD, Hazardous Materials-------460.575-------Peoria, Arizona


Ch. 1 Main Alarm Dispatch-------154.190-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 2 Staging East/Ops-------154.250-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 3 Staging West/Ops-------154.070-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 4 Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 5 Tactical Command-Central-------153.830-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 6 Tactical Command-NorthWest-------154.310-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 7 Tactical Command -East, Tempe-------154.145-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 8 Tactical Command-South/Downtown-------153.770-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 9 Tactical Command-West-------155.670-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 10 Tactical Command-North-------151.370-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 11 Safety/Training/Accountability-------154.025-------Phoenix, Arizona
Ch. 12 HazMat/Rescue Team/Talkaround-------155.775-------Phoenix, Arizona


Navajo Co. Fire District-------154.235-------Pinetop, Arizona
Navajo Co. Fire Network-------154.235-------Lakeside, Arizona
Navajo Co. Fire Network-------33.740-------Pinetop, Arizona


Ch. 1 Fire Network-------154.310-------Pinewood, Arizona
Ch. 2 Local FD-------154.235-------Pinewood, Arizona
Ch. 3 Local FD-------154.310-------Pinewood, Arizona
Ch. 4 Interagency Frequency-------154.280-------Pinewood, Arizona


Ch.1 Dispatch ------- 154.160 ------- Repeater
Ch.2 Fireground / Major Incidents ------- 154.340 ------- Secondary Repeater

Queen Creek

Ch. 2 Rural Metro FD, Main Dispatch-------154.370-------Queen Creek, Arizona
Ch. 4 Rural Metro FD, Fireground-------154.400-------Queen Creek, Arizona


Ch. 1 Rural Metro FD, Main Alarm Dispatch-(simplex)-------153.890-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 2 Rural Metro FD, Main Alarm Dispatch-(repeater)-------154.370-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 3 Rural Metro FD, Drills/Fire/Training-------154.385-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 4 Rural Metro FD, Fireground-------154.400-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 5 Rural Metro FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 6 Rural Metro FD, Talkaround-------151.865-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 7 Rural Metro FD, Administration-------460.625-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. ? Rural Metro FD, Administration-------461.100-------Scottsdale, Arizona
Ch. 8 Rural Metro Ambulance ------- 853.0875 ------- Private Operations
Ch. 9 Rural Metro Ambulance ------- 155.235 ------- Dispatch


Ch. 1 Sedona FD, Dispatch-(simplex)-------154.400-------Sedona, Arizona
Ch. 2 Sedona FD, Main Dispatch-(repeater)-------154.010-------Sedona, Arizona
Ch. 3 Sedona FD, Fire Network-------154.205-------Sedona, Arizona
Ch. 4 Sedona FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Sedona, Arizona
Ch. 6 Sedona FD, ???-------151.295-------Sedona, Arizona
Local FD-------155.220-------Sedona, Arizona
Mobiles--low power-------460.600-------Sedona, Arizona

Show Low

Local Fire Department-------154.415-------Show Low, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------154.445-------Show Low, Arizona

South Tucson

South Tucson FD, Main-------154.220-------South Tucson, Arizona
Drexel Heights Fire Department, Dispatch-------453.150-------SouthWest Tucson, Arizona

Sun City

Ch. 1 Rural Metro FD, Dispatch-------154.370-------Sun City West, Arizona
Ch. 4 Rural Metro FD, Contract-------154.400-------Sun City West, Arizona
Rural Metro FD, Youngtown PD dispatch-------460.625-------Sun City West, Arizona
Ch. 1 Phoenix FD, Dispatch-------154.190-------Sun City, Arizona
Ch. 3 Phoenix FD, Operations-------154.070-------Sun City, Arizona
Ch. 4 Phoenix FD, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Sun City, Arizona

Sun Lakes

Local Fire Department-------154.385-------Sun Lakes, Arizona
Local Fire Department-------154.430-------Sun Lakes, Arizona


Local Fire Department-------154.340-------Superior, Arizona


Ch. 1 Main-------453.275-------Surprise, Arizona


Ch. 1 Phoenix FD Dispatched, Main-------154.190-------Tempe, Arizona
Ch. 2 Phoenix FD Dispatched, Operations-East-------154.250-------Tempe, Arizona
Ch. 4 Phoenix FD Dispatched, Mutual Aid-------154.280-------Tempe, Arizona
Ch. 7 Phoenix FD Dispatched, Ops-Tempe-------154.145-------Tempe, Arizona
Ch. 8 Phoenix FD Dispatched, Ops-Tempe backup-------153.770------Tempe, Arizona
Ch. 9 Phoenix FD Dispatched, HAZMAT-------460.575-------Tempe, Arizona


See Phoenix FD Channels 1,3,4,6, and 9.

Tonto Basin

Ch. 1 Punkin Center Volunteer FD, Fire and Rescue-------154.445-------Tonto Basin, AZ


Check Rural Metro channels 1,2,3,4 and 5. And These=
Ch. 1 Tucson FD, Medical Rescue-------453.100-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 2 Tucson FD, Dispatch-------453.200-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 3 Tucson FD, Fire and HAZMAT-------453.600-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 4 Tucson FD, Admin/Fire Prevention-------453.400-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 5 Tucson FD, Fireground-------453.250-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 6 Tucson FD, Fireground-------453.325-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 7 Tucson FD, Fireground-------453.750-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 8 Tucson FD, Fireground-------453.800-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 9 Tucson FD, Voice and MDT-------460.575-------Tucson, Arizona
Ch. 10 Tucson FD, Com Center-------453.300-------Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Medical Dispatch Center-------462.975-------Tucson, Arizona

Tonto National Forest Fire Crews

Main Dispatch-----168.725
Air Guard-----168.625
Fire Net 1-----171.500
Fire Net 2-----170.500
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